The Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) has instituted an award in memory of Professor Dr. Gisela Bonn, an ardent friend of and an eminent advocate of Indo-German friendship. It will be called the „Gisela Bonn Award“


The award will be conferred annually and will comprise of a visit (including air travel) ranging from one to two weeks` to . The award will be conferred for the first time in 1997.


The award will be conferred on a German national, who has distinctively contributed towards the deepening of Indo-German friendship. The qualification for the award is not restricted to any subject matter and can cover political, cultural and economic aspects of Indo-German relations.
The award can be conferred only once on the same person.

The award will be administrated by the Indo-German Society (Deutsch-Indische Gesellschaft e.V.). A selection committee would recommend two names for the Award. It would consist of the following:

1. The President of the Indo-German Society (Chairman)
2. The Director of the Indian Cultural Centre in Berlin
3. The Head of the Advisory Board of Experts of the Indo-German Society
4.-5. Two prominent personalities nominated by the Indo-German Society and the Indian Cultural centre in Berlin . Their nominations will be for a term of three years and can be extended only once.
The decision taken by the selection committee will be on a majority basis. The selection committee would send two shortlisted names before June 30 each year for the Award to the Director General, ICCR, who would select one of them for the Award. The selection committee while forwarding two names would highlight their specific contribution to promoting better understanding of in .


The decision of the ICCR will be final and excludes any judicial course of law.

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