Stuttgart: ‚In the Native State‘ von Tom Stoppard am 19. November 2015


The play takes place in two timelines. In 1930, Flora Crewe, a young poet with a somewhat scandalous reputation, travels to India for her health, to deliver a series of lectures on British literary society.She meets an Indian painter, Nirad Das, and agrees to sit for a portrait. Meanwhile in contemporary England another young Indian painter, Anish, goes to visit Mrs Eleanor Swan, the sister of Flora Crewe. Eleanor spent much of her life in India before independence, and clearly is deeply attached to it. She and Anish clash over interpretation of Indian history and untangle the relationship of Flora and Nirad.
Featuring an Indian and British cast.

Theater am Olgaeck, Charlottenstraße 44, 70182 Stuttgart,

Tickets via Easyticket: Phone 0711/2555555 or go to any Easyticket-Outlet

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