Indo-German Center for Sustainability – IGCS

IGCS Winter School 2014
Sustainability in Theory in Practice – Exploring sustainable development

3rd to 16th March 2014 at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (II’TM), Chennai

further information

The course is open to Master and Ph.D. Students in academic fields related to sustainable and urban development. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 20 (10 German / 10 Indian).


Interested students may apply with the following: (1) a cover letter with contact details, a description of the applicant’s scientific interests and motivation for attending the course, (2) academic CV, (3) a letter of recommendation (from the Head of Department for Indian Students).

Application and enclosures should be sent in PDF file by e-mail to until 16th December 2013. Applications received after this date will not be considered.

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