Heidelberg: The Origins of Poetry – a Recitation from the Ramayana

SAI Heidelberg, im Neuenheimer Feld 330, 69120 Heidelberg

THE ORIGINS OF POETRY – a recitation form the Rāmāyaṇa performed by Dr. Ananth Rao

This performance narrates the story of the events leading to the genesis of poetry. Valmiki is considered as the first poet who wrote the first epic poetry – the story of Rama (Rāmāyaṇa) – in the popular verseform called śloka. Dr. Rao will present this episode in the traditional style of storytelling (kāthapravacana).

Dr. Ananth Rao

Ananth Rao ist an expert in kāthapravacana. The stories and narrations he performs are drawn from ancient Sanskrit and regional sources that include devotional songs from different regions of India.
Ananth Rao has given many performances all over the world and is a leading figure in this art form. He is currently a visiting fellow in the South Asia Program, School of Culture, History and Language at the Australian National University.


Venue/Veranstaltungsort: Library SAI, Bibliothek des SAI (Free Entry/Eintritt frei)

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